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Name:Rex Salazar
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Age: 20 (@ The Wake, been there 5 years)
Species: E.V.O.
Gender: Male
Home Organization: Providence White Knight's Splinter Group, aka "Shadow Providence"
Status @ The Wake RP: Ascended - Ashura (of Machines)
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Role play journal for Rex Salazar of Man of Action's Generator Rex.
All icons made by [info]straya unless otherwise indicated.

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agent six, annie, bending the rules, biometrics, biowulf, bobo haha, breach, breaking rules, caesar salazar, captain callan, circe, claire, cricket, curing evos, ditching morning meetings, doctor holiday, doctor rylander, dos, evolution, evos, fast food, fighting, five, flying, gatlocke, girls, hunter cain, i-v, kenwyn jones, music, nanites, noah, noface, omega-1, one, oso maratelo, providence, quarry, rafael salazar, revolution, skalamander, skydiving, sqwydd, stunt driving, surge, technopathy, the bugjar, the green fist, the keep, the pack, trey, tuck, valentina, van kleiss, violetta salazar, white knight, zag-rs
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